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Chaty Pro is the ultimate chat plugin designed to enhance communication on your WordPress website. Whether you’re looking for a chat button or a click-to-call button, Chaty Pro provides a versatile solution, allowing your potential customers to contact you effortlessly through various channels such as WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, and more.

With 25 different click-to-chat buttons, Chaty Pro enables you to customize your chat widget according to your preferences, offering a seamless user experience. The plugin goes beyond conventional live chat alternatives by giving visitors the freedom to use their preferred chat channels, even after leaving the website, making it a user-centric tool for enhancing engagement.

Core Features of Chaty Pro WordPress Plugin

  • Show up to 25 different click-to-chat channels, including WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, Email, SMS, TikTok, Google Maps, and more.
  • Customize the chat button widget color using HEX code and upload your own custom chat button design.
  • Utilize targeting rules to display the chat widget on specific pages, categories, or based on traffic sources, allowing for precise and strategic placement.
  • Create multiple chat widgets with different designs and channels for various pages and categories of your website.
  • Implement Traffic Source Targeting to display chat channels selectively to visitors from specific sources, such as social networks, search engines, or Google Ads.
  • Access Widget Analytics to gather data on the most used chat channels and optimize your communication strategy.
  • Set pre-set WhatsApp chat messages and email subject lines for a more efficient and personalized interaction.
  • Fire Google Analytics events for tracking clicks on channel buttons, providing valuable insights into user engagement.
  • Display the widget on specific days and hours based on your opening hours, and target specific countries with different chat buttons.
  • Benefit from advanced features in the Pro plan, including customization options, duplicate widget functionality, email leads, date scheduling, and more.

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  • Chaty Pro3.1.8
- Sản Phẩm Nguyên Gốc: Sạch, không chứa mã độc
- Mức Giá Ưu Đãi: Giá rẻ, tiết kiệm tới 90%
- Dùng Không Giới Hạn: KGH Số lượng Website
- Uy Tín Chất Lượng: Hơn 2200 khách hàng
- Thanh Toán An Toàn: Hỗ trợ Thanh Toán Nội Địa và Quốc Tế
- Hỗ Trợ Kỹ Thuật: Tư vấn cài đặt miễn phí 24/7
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